Friday, June 2, 2017

On my submission and slavery

For me, slavery is a promise. I promise to obey and shape myself to his will. He promises to command me and to take responsibility for the consequences of his commands. 

Slavery means that he will always own me, that I will never be free or alone again. His commands come before everything else in my life (I struggle with this). My days start and end with him. He is my god and I will worship. I will obey without question and in my obedience I will find freedom. 

Submission is a choice. It is a sign of respect. I voluntarily demean myself, subjugate myself to your will. In this way, I show you my love, my trust. I give you myself. This is not because I am not capable of standing alone. It is because I long to kneel at your feet, to feel the serene peace of giving myself to you. 

I love you. I worship you. I adore you. 

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