Friday, September 2, 2016

Delinquence, Friends, Photos and More

I've been so delinquent that I don't even know where to start. 

I don't know if I should catch you all up, or if I should just gloss over the time that I have been AWOL. 

Master and I did a photoshoot with a painter who wants to paint us. That was fun and really exciting. He said that he will start working on the painting in November. Then we shot a couple of times with a friend of ours, EroticLens. The second shoot was girl-girl... I hadn't really done much like that before. It was fun. I've been posting the pictures and getting really positive responses. 

In fact, I'm rather taken aback by the response that I have gotten to my internet presence. I have never received anything like this attention before. There are actually people who follow my writing, who consistently return to check my profile for updates. I'm delighted and so flattered. So, thank you all very much!! 

So, we did a short notice shoot in my bedroom with EroticLens... It was really fun. I felt so comfortable in that environment. He took pictures of me masturbating and playing with various toys. My Master got involved and started fucking me. It made for some amazing pictures. EL got to come on my ass when he was ready. I think it was a big hit. 

A dear friend of mine came to visit me. She stayed for about a week. She is a budding Domme and is working hard to find her place in the kink and vanilla communities alike. We will call her Maggie for our purposes here (short for magnanimous, of course!). Master and I did our best to show her what is out there for her to experience, but it turned out to be harder than we expected. It is so easy to forget, now that I have gotten plugged into the kinky community here, what it is like on the outside. It was really hard for me to see her fear and uncertainty about who she is... when embracing it will help to make her whole. I didn't realize how much she had to learn about herself. I sincerely hope that she was able to benefit from her visit and learn from some of our experiences together. One of which.... 

Was a photoshoot. Yeah! Guys and girls! This was my first girl-girl photoshoot. It was fun... and difficult. 

I remember when I was self-conscious. It so hard to see one of of my dear friends in that position. So quickly, I had forgotten about the emotional pain, the unease, the horrible anxiety. It was hardly fair for me to expect her to magically become as open and comfortable as I am. And magically, she wasn't. At the time, it felt like I was trying to pull teeth to get her to relax... now that I think back on it, I was trying to undo years of repression in, what, an hour?

Master and I had taken Maggie to a "candy shop" earlier in her visit. I tried to relax her with weed. That didn't work. Not. One. Bit. So, next I tried liquor. I poured her some rum. Straight with a couple of ice cubes. I watched and encouraged as she poured it down. About 20 minutes later, we all noticed her demeanor begin to relax. EL looked at me. I looked at him, and I jumped into the shoot. 

I had fixed my face and hair when I did Maggie's. I wasn't planning on being in the shoot... but, not knowing how it would go, I chose to embrace the Boy Scout motto, and "Be prepared!" 

I know she identifies as a dominant. The problem is, so do I. –Wait! Wait! Cat, you are a slave... aren't you?– Yes, I am. I chose to be submissive. I choose every day. But, in the rest of my life, I am the dominant personality in the majority of my relationships. In fact, I had always been the dominant in my relationship with Maggie, even though she was a dominant personality too. So, I took over. I did the unholy thing and "toppped from the bottom." 

I jumped in with both feet. In the end, we did get some good shots. I am happy to see that she appears to be having a good time in the pictures. 

What else has been going on? I lost my job? I'm going to Spain with Master and his family this month? I just had my birthday? You know, boring stuff. 


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