Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Train wrecked (I cannot resist a pun, sorry.)

While I was riding a train across Italy, Master tasked me with an edging assignment. What you will read here is based upon the scenario he presented to me.


The gentle sway of the train is comforting. Its low, regular rumble comes up through my seat. I can feel the slight movement of my clit piercing inside my jeans.

My reverie is broken by a train stop. When the momentary hustle fades, I get up to find the restroom. It is at the far end of the car. I press the button to open the automatic door. Nothing happens. I hear someone stir inside so, I sit down to wait. I can feel my pussy mildly throbbing from the stimulation of my short walk.

Finally, a woman comes out of the restroom. She shoves open the sliding door manually, with effort, and leaves to find her seat. I pull the door shut behind me only to find that the door doesn’t lock. Ugh, you know? I just don’t care. I sit down to pee. Finished, I stand to button my pants, and the toilet automatically flushes behind me.

I let out a gasp of surprise as a hand claps over my mouth. I freeze. My thoughts flee in panic. I feel the cold of metal and a sharp twinge as he draws a knife along my neck.

In the momentary silence, I realize that we are not alone. There is a third person, a man from the sound.

“Shut up. If you make noise, this will be much, much worse.”

I feel the knife come away from my neck, and I am lifted roughly. My arms are pinned behind me, tightly, between us. I can feel his cock begin to swell against the back of my hand. His smell fills my nostrils. I am wrenched around as though I weigh nothing, and I find myself face-to-face with the second man.

I break out in a cold sweat. He is tall, finely muscled. A nylon stocking covers his face. I can just see the flash of cold eyes underneath. “Don’t fight, bitch,” he says as he steps toward me.

With a sinking feeling, I realize that there is no chance that I can escape. I nod vigorously. He roughly strips my jeans away. I feel the moisture from my cunt begin to drip down my thigh. I am angry at being aroused. Furious.

He briskly slaps the inside of my thigh. I feel a sting.


I cannot help but comply. He drags my legs apart, so wide that my pussy is completely open. I feel exposed. His hand violates my pussy. My juices flow easily. He gives a chuckle.

“Look at you! Wet like a fucking whore! You must be a pretty fucked up bitch, honey.”

His hand strikes with a resounding crack against my clit. Every fiber of my being screams in agony, but before I can make a sound, he rips off my shirt and shoves part of it firmly into my mouth. Again, and again, and again, he strikes me. I have lost count. My head is lolling on the shoulder of the man behind me, his fully erect cock shoved between my pinned hands. I cannot think. I cannot resist. I bite down hard on the shirt in my mouth to dampen my screams. I have no idea how much time has passed. My existence has become the stinging staccato of his hand against my clit. Through the searing pain, I feel my pulse begin to quicken, and I can feel the orgasm rising from my toes.

Suddenly, he stops. The orgasm slips away. I let out a shuddering moan of lustful despair. I am shaking, weak, tears streaming down my face. He wipes a tear from my eye, with a smile that doesn’t touch his eyes. “Did you think I was going to let you cum?” His voice mocks me. He slowly unbuckles his belt, and draws it from the belt loops. It looks beautifully dangerous in his hands, like some kind of poisonous snake. Silently, he places it aside and withdraws his cock.

With a nod, the man behind me kicks my legs out from under me, and I fall on my hands and knees. The man before me grabs me roughly by the hair, and forces his full length into my mouth. My eyes widen as I splutter and cough. I attempt to pull away, but he just forces me harder onto his cock. I can feel him deep in my throat. I cannot breathe. Without warning, I feel the man behind me grab my hips and ram his cock into my dripping cunt.

They are talking to each other, but I cannot understand. I gasp for air between the thrusts down my throat. I’m crying. There is snot and drool running down my face and puddling on the bathroom floor. They seem to coordinate their efforts so that they each slam into me at the same time. I feel my back flex under the force. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over they thrust. My arms give out, and I fall into the puddle of my drool, snot, and tears.

For a moment, I feel no one touching me. My pussy aches. My abdomen is wracked with passion cramps. Then, there is a hand in my hair dragging me upward. A hand cups my pussy and lifts me from the floor. When they put me down again, I am straddling one of them. I cannot tell them apart anymore. He drags my hips toward him, and I feel his cock stabbing upward inside me. Someone pinches my nose. As I open my mouth to breathe, my throat is filled with another cock. This one is slimy and dripping with my juices. Somewhere in the back of my head, I recognize the taste.

They continue to ravage me. Without warning, an orgasm hits me like a tidal wave. I am struck, sharply, across the face. “Did I say that you could cum!?” I try to shake my head no, but my head is held firmly. I choke out something, it might have sounded like a “no,” but I doubt it. I recognize the voice. I look up and see, through blurry eyes, that it is my Master fucking my face. I have no time to feel relief, because another orgasm takes me. The world turns grey, and I slump down, unconscious.

I am awakened by the sting of the belt across my ass. I haven’t been moved. The man beneath me continues to obliterate my pussy. I moan, because it is the only sound that I can make. The belt stripes my flesh several times. It stops, and I feel a cool liquid dribbling into my ass crack, running past my asshole and dripping off my pussy. I feel the warmth of his cock against my asshole. He swirls it around once, twice, and then slowly begins forcing his way into my ass.

The man beneath me rhythmically pounds my pussy as my asshole is stretched wider and wider by the invading cock. I moan, unable to stop myself. He continues in, deeper, and then slowly takes up a rhythm. Each thrust takes him deeper into my ass. If I could think, or speak, I might scream, but I am unable. There is nothing but the utter, mind-blowing sensation of fullness. As the tempo of the ass-fucking picks up, I become nauseated. He continues to pound my ass harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. With one final thrust, he forces himself completely inside of me. I feel his body contract, and his cock pump cum forcefully into my ass. The man slides out from under me. I am facedown in my puddle, as before.

I feel my ass cheeks being spread wide. He takes my ass, again, and again. My face is pressed firmly into the floor, my saliva mixing with the urine and dirt and smearing over my cheeks. I feel another convulsion and another squirt of cum into my ass.

Then, there was nothing. I am left on the floor, my ass sticking high into the air, my asshole gaping open. Copious amounts of cum run down my crack and drip from my pussy. I hear congratulatory laughter and the click of a camera shutter.

Something warm is folded around me. My Master lifts me gently. He holds me against his chest. I can feel his heart beat. “I am so proud of you, little one,” he says as my consciousness fades.

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