Saturday, June 18, 2016

A weekend away

Right after my piercing, Master and I got in the car and drove to Portland. I am, or have been until recently, the cuddliest person that I have ever known. With Master, I have finally met my match. I adjusted my position carefully in the seat of the car to avoid pain from my piercing. I was feeling sensitive emotionally, likely secondary to the pain I had just experienced, so I kept physical contact with Master the entire drive (somewhere between two and three hours).  

We stopped a little bit outside of Portland. We had been invited to dinner with Master’s parents at the home of a family friend. As I believe I have mentioned before, I grew up in a very conservative part of the United States… East Texas to be specific. I now live in the Pacific Northwest. It would be difficult to find a place more ideologically different than where I came from. This suits me well, but most of my family and friends are still extremely conservative. It doesn’t matter how much I change, that place will always be a part of me.

Generally, I try to avoid political conversations… but talk turned to politics. It wasn’t that I so much disagreed with the political views of my hosts, I was offended by the way they talked about people who held different views. Regardless of what I think, “those people” are my friends and family… and until a few years ago, me. That, in combination with the pain in my clitoris and my inability to get comfortable exhausted me quickly, physically and emotionally. Master was very attentive, as always, giving me reasons to get up and move around or go outside so that I could get some reprieve. I don’t wish to be ungrateful, but we couldn’t have left soon enough.  I let out a sigh of relief when we drove the rest of the way to Portland.

Master’s parents, on the other hand, are some of the more delightful people that I’ve met. This last visit was the third time I had met them and the first time that I had worn a collar in front of them. Contrary to what one might think, I feel free when I wear my collar. It’s like finally not hiding a part of myself. I’m out and I’m proud… for those who know where to look. I feel like a bird out of my cage. I’m getting carried away– I immediately felt like part of the family. There were no strings, no judgment. They seem like refreshingly normal, well-balanced people.

Master was so excited to show me around his hometown. This was our first visit when we actually had time to enjoy the city. He took me to a bustling district in Southwest Portland. We parked the car and ran a quick errand. We set out on foot to explore. I wore a skirt in hopes of keeping pressure of my piercing. Unfortunately, I chose a skirt that limited the length of my stride. Suddenly, I found myself struggling to keep up with Master who walks quickly anyway. All those short little steps. With each stride, I felt my piercing rub. It was a little painful, but I began to notice the weight of the jewelry and become increasingly aware of my arousal. I wasn’t wearing underwear. I had discovered that even the friction from my thong was uncomfortable earlier. It was warm out.

Our first stop was Master’s favorite kink shop. I was surprised by the selection and could have easily dawdled there for quite a while. We moved on. We stopped for lunch and a drink at a bar somewhere. The longer we were out, the sweatier and more aroused I got. It wasn’t long before I was completely slick with sweat and my own juices. Most of the time we spent that afternoon is hazy for me. Master and I were completely lost in each other.

It wouldn’t matter to me if we spent the weekend on the sofa, at a hospital, or on the surface of the moon… as long as we are together, nothing is wrong in the world. That’s love for you.

The drive back was much like the drive to Portland… with the exception of a little fellatio along the way.  ;-)

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