Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I could continue talking about my family drama, but for now, I think I will give it a rest. I'm trying not to think about it right this minute. It's like chess, and I'm not sure what my next move should be. 

So, let's talk about happy things. 

Friday night marked another first for me. Master and I went out and had drinks with an erotic photographer. It was a pretty nice place. Master and I, both, felt very at ease with the photographer. In case of an opportunity to shoot, I was asked to leave undergarments at home. 

I felt pretty sexy that night. My clothes clung to my frame in all the right places. Without underwear, I felt ever so slightly exposed. Very exciting. 

We found a booth in a dark corner of the bar. Master and I curled up together. The photographer sat opposite us. I was feeling a little nervous, but with Master there, I knew I was totally safe. So, I let go... had a drink... or five. I added to the conversation when I could, but really, Master did most of the talking. I was along for the ride, and I was actually enjoying them talking about me like I wasn't there. 

Master asked me to take off my jacket. Underneath, I wore only a thin cotton tee. As my jacket fell away, I felt the coolness of the room against my breasts. My shirt did not hide my figure. Suddenly, I was an object. The photographer looked at me appreciatively. He and Master continued to talk. 

I don't actually know how long we were there. I would assume that the three of us left sometime after midnight. Master decided that we would go ahead and take a few impromptu photos so that the photographer could get an idea of how comfortable I am with the camera and how Master and I work together. 

It wasn't a glamorous setup. But it was still a good time. We drove to a nearby parking lot. Master put his rear seats down, and I climbed into the back. 

It was all just sexy fun. The clothes came off, and I put on a show. I stretched and touched myself. I writhed in pleasure, legs open wide. Master slid his fingers into my pussy. I moaned in pleasure. He spanked my clit. I was asked to roll over; face down, ass up. The play continued. Master spanked me hard. I believe the photographer spanked me too, but nothing without Master's permission. They moved from my behind to the inside of my thighs. I screamed in pain and pleasure. When they had finished, I was exhausted... and satisfied. 

The photographer got out of the car. I climbed into the front seat and Master unzipped his pants. I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking greedily. It had only been a minute or two when there was a knock at the window. Our photographer was back. He asked if he could watch the blow job. I only had one focus. It didn't matter to me. Master agreed. 

There was something delicious about being watched while I pleased Master. So, I sucked until Master came, and the photographer finished quietly standing beside the car. I felt like a pageant queen.

We said our goodbyes and took our leave. We are all looking forward to the formal shoot. 

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