Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In contrast

Without contrast, we would not be able to see, to tell one object from another. 

So, here is the counterweight to my previous post. 

My plane landed in Washington and I still felt like the horror was creeping up behind me. Master picked me up from my cousin's house to drive me home. I was raw. 

I cuddled against his arm most of the way home. 

He held me tight against him. He told me he loved me. He told me I was beautiful, special, obedient. He held me firm, steady. I didn't cry. The tears wanted to fall, but they couldn't. I was furious. I was hurt. I was completely taken aback by the lack of understanding that I had experienced from my family. 

He continued to hold me. We moved into my bed, and I wrapped myself around him like wisteria climbing a tree. 

As we laid there, intertwined, I felt the tension slowly begin to loosen its grasp. The tingling up my back lessened. My shoulders relaxed. He kissed me tenderly, showered me with love and affection. 

He slid his hands over my pussy and I felt the warmth spreading through my body. 

I lifted my body so that he could remove my leggings. As I did so, my shirt slid up and revealed letters, written across my chest in Sharpie. 

"MASTER'S WHORE," it read. Just as he had ordered. 

I was slick with my own juices, and his fingers slid inside me. He cradled my body with one arm, and fingered my pussy with the other. It felt as though I was being held inside and out in the warmth of his embrace. His fingers picked up the pace. I felt the rush of endorphins flowing through my body. He didn't command me to cum. He asked. 

I came twice? Three times? Hardly matters. I felt whole and secure cradled in Master's arms. 

But I still didn't cry. The emotions were still closed up tight inside me. 

Without warning, Master struck me hard across the side of my face. Again. Again. Harder each time. My eyes began to tear. The final blow made my ear ring. Shocked, I looked into his eyes and was met with softness. Tears fell freely. I sobbed. I clung to him and relinquished my control as wave after wave of sorrow and rejection came over me. When the flood began to recede, he explained. "I could tell you were still holding back, little one. You are always safe with me. You will tell me all that hurts you. You may feel freely here, with me. Let it all go." 

Master asked me to write a post about people who make me feel wonderful and beautiful.

I have other beautiful friends, each of them knowing a different facet of my personality. In their respective realms, they nourish and protect me. Naomi, Jeana, Melanie, Megan, Becky I love them all so dearly and so differently. I don't know where I would be today without them. 

But He most certainly tops the list. He is kind and loving. He provides me with structure and security when I am distressed. He knows how to break me when I am not being true to myself. I have always felt like loving people was my calling in life, but Master makes it so effortless. 

My submission to him comes so easily and so joyfully. I have no difficulty trusting that whatever he does with me will turn out alright. No matter how painful, cruel, harsh or degrading, I know that Master loves me and cherishes me, that he values my love and my submission. When I am in submission to him, my will laid at his feet, I feel serene and breathtakingly beautiful. I feel alive. Sheltered. Protected. Whole. 

There is nothing else for which a sub could ask. 

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