Thursday, May 19, 2016

We must begin somewhere

How is a person supposed to begin a blog? It's no small undertaking, usually chronicling something significant, important... or a person's life, which is bigger still. There are a few traditional tropes that may be relied upon, but have been used until they are worn smooth with time. They have lost their mystery and their grit.

In the beginning...
Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

So, let's try something different. Let's begin last night.

Master picked me up from home when he got off of work. I met him at the door, just as he had asked, kneeling and wearing only my jewelery. I did not raise my eyes as he entered the room. I waited for his permission. He sunk to his knees before me, meeting me in my place of submission and raised my chin to look at him. Master has kind eyes. His eyes tell a story, this time, the story was about me. I was not met with steely eyes commanding my submission, instead, the look was steeped in love and deep appreciation.

I think that Master can heal my soul. With him I feel whole, powerful, sexy, strong, and yet, intimately vulnerable. It is glorious. I was wired for submission from childhood, trained and conditioned, and being able to truly submit and trust Master makes me feel fully myself. It gives me a peace that I have not experienced in years.

I am quite certain that someday, Master and I will starve to death. Inevitably, we end up lost in each other's embrace, kiss, or gaze. Time stands completely still, at least to us, though my watch would certainly disagree. We were hours late for dinner, which is becoming a normal thing for us. Our dinner was lovely, though it doesn't matter what we eat when we are together. Neither of us seem to notice.

We drove to his place to get ready for dinner. Opening the door to the bedroom, Master threw me on the bed. He climbed on top of me, looked into my eyes and said, "I think I love you." There could have been fireworks going off, but I would not have noticed. I had seen his love for me growing... but the fact that he chose to tell me made my heart jump in my chest.

Master picked out my smallest butt plug and gently slid it into my ass. As I stood and dressed, I could feel my ass throbbing around the plug. He requested that I leave my underwear and bra at home. Normally, this would make me extremely uncomfortable, but with him I felt completely at ease. My pussy quickly became wet with desire. Throughout dinner, I was constantly aware of the juices seeping out of my secret place... I considered that they might leave a wet spot on my skirt. Then, I realized that if Master wished it, then I would not be embarrassed.

We ran to pick up snacks on the way home. When no one was looking, I reached out and caressed Master's penis. It became a game, I wished my pussy would begin to drip.

When we got back to his place, he ordered me to take off my skirt and lay on the bed. He sat on the bed beside me and his fingers slipped easily inside me. When I cum is entirely up to Master. As his fingers moved inside, he commanded me to cum. My orgasm was swiftly followed by a firm clit spanking. Each stroke burned and stung. I cried out and writhed in pain trying my hardest to keep my legs open for him. Through the pain, I felt myself beginning to descend into subspace. Our play wasn't long enough to get me all the way there last night, but the descent is a beautiful thing. He continued to alternate finger fucking with clit spankings. Each time, my orgasms got stronger. During one of my spankings I was able to continue an orgasm that I had begun the round before. I was amazed and impressed with my body.

When Master was satisfied with me, he knelt over me and I took him into my mouth. He grabbed my hair to control the depth and speed. He began forcing himself deeper into my throat. I carefully metered my breath in time with his thrusts. I began to gurgle and choke as my saliva foamed and spilled out of my mouth and onto my chest. In that moment, I felt like the most beautiful thing on Earth. I knew Master was pleased and that was everything that I wanted. As he finished in my mouth, I joyously swallowed everything that he had graciously given me.

I felt satisfied. I knew I had done well. I knew Master was pleased. I didn't need anything else.

We spent the rest of the evening curled up together watching Netflix. As we crawled into bed for the night, Master held me close and told me again that he loved me. I couldn't have been happier.

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